Rates and Bookings


Package Rates (Valid till 31st May 2015)

Rates apply to both weekdays & weekends
Day Package
Spectator's Package

* Rates inclusive of all Ferry Terminal & Departure Fees from Singapore and Batam
* Rates exclusive of Visa on Arrival Fees for those who require visa to enter Indonesia


Day Package inclusive of :-

2 Way Ferry (Sin-Btm-Sin)
Land Transfers (between ski park & terminal)
Full Day Ski Pass
Usage of house skiing equipments
Coaching by in house instructors

Spectator's Package inclusive of  :-

2 Way Ferry (Sin-Btm-Sin)
Land Transfers (between ski park & terminal)

BCP currently ties up with Sindo ferry operator to ensure the best ferry timings for our packages.

Current scheduled departure times for our packages :

Departing from Singapore Harbourfront Centre
Estimated Arrival time at the Ski Park
1000 hrs
1030 hrs
1130 hrs
1200 hrs

Departing from Waterfront City or Sekupang
Estimated Arrival Time in Singapore
1450 hrs
1715 hrs
1650 hrs
1915 hrs
1830 hrs
2030 hrs

*BTM time is 1 hours behind Singapore

Most would choose the 1000 hrs departure where they can enjoy up to 8 hours with us.
The return time can be decided on the day itself after arriving at the Ski Park.
Pls take note departure and arrival times may vary due to immigration & sea traffic.
(Especially on long weekends)

If you decide to visit town or stay overnight after spending the day with us,
the return ticket from our package is open and valid for 6 months.
You can choose to depart from Waterfront, Sekupang or Batam Centre terminal.
See www.sindoferry.com.sg for schedules .

You can also do it vice versa, spend the night first and do the ski package the next day.



The ski park takes up to a maximum of 60 skiers each day to avoid overcrowding
and most importantly to ensure everyone has ample skiing time.
Weekends & public holidays are very popular, please book early to avoid disappointments.

To make a booking for our packages, kindly use our booking meter below
to check the availability of slots on the desired date of your trip. If available, just sms or whatsapp

" Reserve / Your name / Departure date / Estimated no# of pax "

to Mr. Long @ 94875007 to make a reservation

You, the "Group Leader" will then be given a deadline to submit the online reservation form
to confirm the booking.

Details required from each individual to submit the form:

1. Full name as in passport
2. Date of birth
3. Passport number
4. Passport expiry
5. Nationality

Click here to submit the -  ONLINE RESERVATION FORM

Note: -
The role of the Group Leader is very important.
You represent the group and will be the only one we liaise with and help convey all the
important information to everyone once the booking is confirmed.

All bookings must be made at least one day in advance by 6pm.
For bookings after 6pm (No Guarantees) , please call, sms or whatsapp Mr. Long (9487-5007)

Booking Meter

March 2015
 2/03/2015  3/03/2015  4/03/2015  5/03/2015  6/03/2015  7/03/2015  8/03/2015
 9/03/2015  10/03/2015  11/03/2015  12/03/2015  13/03/2015  14/03/2015  15/03/2015
 16/03/2015  17/03/2015  18/03/2015  19/03/2015  20/03/2015  21/03/2015  22/03/2015
 23/03/2015  24/03/2015  25/03/2015  26/03/2015  27/03/2015  28/03/2015  29/03/2015
 30/03/2015  31/03/2015
April 2015
 1/04/2015  2/04/2015  3/04/2015  4/04/2015  5/04/2015
 6/04/2015  7/04/2015  8/04/2015  9/04/2015  10/04/2015  11/04/2015  12/04/2015
 13/04/2015  14/04/2015  15/04/2015  16/04/2015  17/04/2015  18/04/2015  19/04/2015
 20/04/2015  21/04/2015  22/04/2015  23/04/2015  24/04/2015  25/04/2015  26/04/2015
 27/04/2015  28/04/2015  29/04/2015  30/04/2015
May 2015
 1/05/2015  2/05/2015  3/05/2015
 4/05/2015  5/05/2015  6/05/2015  7/05/2015  8/05/2015  9/05/2015  10/05/2015
 11/05/2015  12/05/2015  13/05/2015  14/05/2015  15/05/2015  16/05/2015  17/05/2015
 18/05/2015  19/05/2015  20/05/2015  21/05/2015  22/05/2015  23/05/2015  24/05/2015
 25/05/2015  26/05/2015  27/05/2015  28/05/2015  29/05/2015  30/05/2015  31/05/2015

Open Slots

Limited Slots


Kindly take note that the booking meter is updated once a reservation is made.
It will fluctuate due to cancellations and other unforeseen situations.


All Payments can be made on the day of departure by CASH ONLY
Walk-In Rates

If you've already planned your trip to Batam and would like to join us for some Cable-Skiing,
below are our walk-in rates. We highly suggest making reservations for Weekends & Public Holidays.

For walk-in reservations, kindly use our booking meter to check on availability and
sms or whatsapp "Walk In / Your name / Date of Ski / Estimate no# of pax"
to Mr. Long @ (65) 94875007 to make a reservation.
Once acknowledged, submit the Walk In Reservation Form to confirm the reservation.

Fill up our Walk-In Reservation Form and email as an attachment to reservations@cable-ski.com

Walk-In Rates (Valid till 31st May 2015)
1 Hour Ski Pass
2 Hour Ski Pass
Half Day Ski Pass (3 - 4 hrs)
Full Day Ski Pass  (5 - 8 hrs)

Rates includes usage of house equipments and basic instructions.

Getting to the Ski Park on your own

The Ski Park is located in Waterfront City in Batam Island.
Opens daily from 0900 hrs (Batam Time) to sunset around 1830 hrs.
If you like to make your own way there, the nearest terminal would be Waterfront City Terminal
where we provide complimentary land transfer to the Ski Park which is only 2 mins away.
The next nearest terminal to the Ski Park would be Sekupang Terminal which is about 20 mins away.
Taxi service will cost about S$12 or 100,000 RP to the Ski Park.

There are many ferry operators providing services to Batam.
Visit www.singaporecruise.com.sg  for more info.
The average cost of a 2 way ferry ticket inclusive of all ferry terminal & departure fees is S$48.

For complimentary land transfer from Waterfront City Terminal to the Ski Park
Pls inform either one of us the ferry details and number of pax via sms or whatsapp.

. Mr. Long +65 94875007 (Singapore)  
. Mr. Adi  +62 852 72239707 (Batam)


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